Film Messe Cinedom Cologne

Film Messe Cinedom Cologne

At the time of the “Film-Messe” in the Cinedom of Cologne, the main distributors were all present in different halls and displayed whole films, montages of scenes, and basic trailers of future film projects. One of the world’s leading trade Exhibition of Trade fair for film distributors and producers, cinema operators, and different firms of the cinema industry is the Film-Messe Cologne International Trade Fair and exhibition. Film Messe Cinedom Cologne international Trade displays and do the exhibition, it is the best marketplace for the specialists which allows the cinema operators and exhibitors to promote their products and cinemas to the new clients and people who love films, to generate good sales. The Film-Messe Cologne trade is an event that offers all the international exhibitors, attendees, and film lovers a pleasant overview of the upcoming technological innovations, ideas, and the latest manufacturing trends in the film industry line of the field. It is true that between international trade exhibitions in the whole of Europe,Film Messe Cinedom Cologne fair show is one of the most significant centers of international trade business of films in the world, and it is one of the important sources globally of main suppliers, distributor, exhibitionists, and companies. Participants in the Film-Messe Cologne exhibition & trade event, representing the total range of the exhibitors’ products and visitors seeking to unravel their production tasks receive the unlimited opportunities for interaction and communication which drives the both parties’ business growth. Those attending the Film-Messe Cologne event can source all the requisite information straight from the experts in an exceedingly very short space of your time. Film-Messe Cologne Trade fair and exhibition, also can provide business people with the chance to network regular customers and make useful contacts with people working in their industry. The spectrum ranges from children’s films to horror, from comedy to drama, from German independent productions to Hollywood blockbusters – in 2D and 3D. The films are shown repeatedly with time lags at different hours, in order that the visitor can create his personal fair program. so as that the visitor may concentrate within the film program and be more flexible together with his time, an intensive buffet is offered during several hours during the fair. The Cinedom could be a multiplex cinema within the MediaPark within the middle of Cologne, which ranks with its number of seating places among the five biggest multiplex cinemas of Germany. Within the surrounding neighborhood, there are two depots: the stop of Cologne’s transport company (KVB) Cristophstrate/Mediapark and also the train station Hansaring. Moreover, under the cinema in close proximity to the doorway, there’s an underground parking area.


Film-Messe 2020 Cologne-DEAR GUESTS, the film fair 2020 will happen between 4 and 6 August 2020. In 2020, you may encounter a comprehensive and varied exhibition program. They provide rental presentations, film screenings, and evening events within the usual quality. Good and constructive discussions arise on the spot.

The schedule has not been changed yet, but it might change if the COVID-19 situation remains the same in the whole of Europe.


Cinedom Cologne

In the Mediapark 1

50670 Cologne

 SCHEDULE  Film Messe  Cinedom Koln

The film fair 2020 starts on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at about 13:00 clock and ends on Thursday, August 6, 2020, at about 19:00 clock. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, you’ve got the chance to exchange ideas during various events.

FILM PROGRAM OF Film Messe  Cinedom Cologne

Distribution of the films are divided into three days:

The film program starts after the last presentation on Tuesday evening and ends on Thursday evening. The principle that each film is played twice remains, of course, preserved.

Date of Registration Film Messe  Cinedom Cologne

Registration was feasible from 1 January 2020.


When designing the CINEDOM, special emphasis was placed on making the visit to the cinema a true experience yet again. So additionally to the foremost modern lighting and sound technology, this naturally also includes comfortable seats, an outsized row spacing, a fashionable supply of drinks and food, and also the accommodation of varied catering establishments. Further information about Cinedom is often found at Film-Messe is where you may meet the fair in Cologne within the usual way and don’t have anything to try without Rental presentations, film screenings, and evening events, they are organized within the new venue for you. Good and constructive discussions will arise on the spot.

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