PMRExpo is one of the largest event for secure communications. An exhibition that offers visitors innovative products for entertainment & digital media. A creative meeting for the future of pro mobile radio & control rooms, to help you find the best things that has been made for network communications. Nov. 27-29 – PMRExpo

Cologne Fine Art

Cologne Fine Art helps you find exceptional masterpiece, one of the biggest trade fair for art event. People who are fascinated with art can show their gallery, a great opportunity to show off your art talent and find buyers.   Nov. 22-25 – Cologne Fine Art

BERUFE live Köln Kopie

BERUFE live Köln Kopie helps people in Rhineland the opportunity to get career, training and education. It’s one of the biggest trade fair to be held in Cologne this year and help locals who are seeking for opportunity to attain job. If you are a fresher, it’s a great fair to meet companies who need […]


Who doesn’t love classic cars? Retro Classics Cologne held an event in Cologne this year to show off classic car. Get to see the oldest, rarest and classic cars you haven’t seen before. These old cars are restored for collectors to display, sell or even buy. If you love classic cars, then this is the […]

Internationale Modellbahn-Ausstellung

Internationale Modellbahn-Ausstellung is an event for model railways & accessories that includes LEGO Kidsfest & LEGO Fanwelt. It’s a great event to see the latest model products in LEGO & fun for kids. Meet innovators, production & business owners. Nov. 15-18 – Internationale Modellbahn-Ausstellung


Tonmeistertagung is a great event for artists, audio professionals, manufacturers, producers, suppliers, scientists and developers. It mainly focus on sound production, broadcast, video, film, interactive media, program exchange, distribution, event & stage. It also includes manufacturing software & hardware., research and development as well as teaching and training. Get to know the latest products & […]

Professional Motorsports World Expo

Get ready for this years Professional Motorsports World Expo! Exhibitors show up the latest designed by professional car engineers and drivers. Check out the wide range of technical innovations to enhance the racing cars. Meet the best people to share ideas for the latest innovations in motor sports racing. Nov. 7-9 – Professional Motorsports World […]

Eurobaustoff Forum

Join the Eurobaustoff Forum 2018 and get ready to be part of success. It’s one of the most visited forum for business owners, investors & opportunity seekers, where you get the chance to learn from the experts to expand your business. Get to see latest products from industrial partners, avail discounts, discuss trade issues, innovative […]


Veganfach is one of the largest event for vegetarian. It mainly focus for innovating & sharing latest vegan lifestyle to help you live in your daily lives. Exhibitors, traders & consumers are gathering together for this central vegan lifestyle event. Exhibitors are about to share their products that will help you in your daily vegan […]