Christmas Market 2018

In Cologne, every year they open their Christmas Market starting from November 26th to December 23rd. It’s where you get to see the spirit of Christmas in the city. You can find people selling products such as toys, crafts, arts, music, decorations and many more. You can feel the Christmas in the atmosphere. Thousands of […]

The Rock Dinner Show

The Rock Dinner Show comes to Cologne city. It’s a perfect event to enjoy with your friends, family and loved ones. Get ready for the Rock and Pop, jive with thousands of audience and just enjoy the music. Grab your tickets and bring your friends, colleagues in Marriot Hotel. You will surely enjoy the sound […]

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is a company that performs art and music. It was formed in year 1987 and is popular worldwide for their unique stage productions. In every performance they have different categories. Get ready for amazing show with their amazing and genuine performance in Musical Dome Cologne; Date: December 13, 2018

Thin Wall Packaging

The Thin Wall Packaging is offering a conference. Conference – that mainly focuses about packaging plastics such as trays, cups, tubs, pots, jars and a lot more. Get to know the latest inventions of plastics packaging and how it can provide functionality to preserve and protect items like margarine, yogurt, meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, soup, […]

Healthcare Tech

Healthcare Tech opens a webinar in Cologne to help young entrepreneurs develop a successful business in health industry. If you are someone who want to invest in healthcare industry, this is your chance to get to know the latest innovations and get to meet professional speakers. A great opportunity for anyone who want to know […]

Fire Resistance in Plastics

Fire Resistance in Plastics will take place in Maritim Hotel Cologne. A conference that could help thousands of people all over the world to be aware of Plastics. Professionals will talk about innovations of flame additives, formulations, market trends, case studies, latest regulations, testing and standard procedures. Get to see exhibitors to give you a […]

Kölner Weihnachtscircus Cologne Circus

Cologne Circus Cologne Circus Is one of the wonderful event in Cologne where people from local to tourist to enjoy the amazing wonders of circus, where you can find acrobats, clowns, artist to perform in stage. An incomparable show that would definitely keep you entertained throughout the show. A magical world where kids and family […]

Levi’s after Work/Study

Levi’s after Work/Study It’s one of the visited events in Cologne where you get to meet friends to celebrate and party for people who like fashion, lifestyle, art and music. Get to see variety of new looks and even try it on. Enjoy the live music, snacks, drinks and more. It’s a party day for […]