The 3 Best Spas In Cologne

Are you looking for a place to relax and just enjoy a calm atmosphere? Get yourself a treat and find the best spa in Cologne city. There are several spa that you can find in the city but here are the best 3 spa you’ll definitely love.

The 3 Best Spas In Cologne

1. Savoy Hotel Koln

Immerse your world to a 7,000 sq. ft. Savoy Spa. The relaxation and wellness offers plenty services that you can surely enjoy and rejuvenate your body and soul. A luxurious atmosphere for body and face revitalization.

Massage Services

They offer wide variety of choice such as Lomi-lomi, hotstone, abhyanga, pad-abyanga, salt-oil-peeling,  relaxing, back & neck massage.

Lomi-lomi Massage – gives you rhythmical hawaiian massage experience.

Hotstone Massage – the heat of each stones gets touch deep down to your muscles and give you deep relaxation feeling.

Abhyanga Massage – massage through your whole body, a soothing experience because of the gentle movement and sesame oil.

Pad Abhyanga – foot & leg massage gives you relaxing feeling that will touch your body and soul. It’s the same as acupressure by stimulating the certain parts of your feet and offers healthy effect. And many more.

Facial Rejuvination

They offer 2 different facial services such as facial treatment and luxury & decollete treatment.

Dermabrasion Treatment

It consist of dermabrission with skin-peeler, enzymatic peeling, ultrasound, hydrolage mask.

Hands & Feet

Spa manicure and pedicure, dying eyelashes, dying eyebrows, make-up and spa pedicure.

Spa Day-Dreams

Offers variety of rejuvenating offers in one package, the daydream of every women.

Wellness For Two

They have available services ready for couples or two people who want to enjoy and relax together.

Suite Spa Offers

Suite spa provides client a suite and a mix of spa for a complete relaxation experience. Also, there’s available for couples.

Packages – they also have wellness package available for those who want to have long hours or complete set of relaxation experience.

Check out Savoy Hotel Koln website here


2. Mauritius Spa Hotel In Koln

Mauritius is one of the best spa in Koln inside mauritius hotel. An enormous hotel with over 91 rooms. A perfect place to stay and relax, it’s located in the middle of the city, which means everything is easy to access. Below we have listed the relaxation services offered in Mauritius.

  1.  Sauna Packages – there are 6 different saunas such as 2 whirlpools, 1 steambath, indoor pool, Kneipp walks and outdoor pool have massage jets. One of the popular program is the water aerobics.
  2. Massage – there are variety of massage offered in Mauritius from whole body, feet-and-leg, head-and-facial, reflexology, hawaiian inspired, ayurveda, hotstone, sports and many more.
  3. Fitness & Exercise – for any guest who wants to stay physically fit.
  4. Day Packages – offers you cocktails, full-body massage, yogurt and fresh fruits.

Check out Savoy Hotel Koln website here


3. Vitarium Spa In Radisson Blu Hotel Koln

Radisson Blu is one of the most ideal place to stay for spa lovers. Radisson Blu offers a lot of spa services that will surely keep your stress away. Fitness center and Full-service spa awaits you.

Check out Vitarium Spa services here –

These are the best spas in Cologne city that can give you the relaxation you need. Each one of these spas have genuine facilities that you would surely enjoy. Check out their sites for further information and get yourself a treat.


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