What To Do with Your Köln Callgirls?

What To Do with Your Köln Callgirls?

There are many escort games Köln that you can try, to add spice in your sexual experience with a callgirl. These escort girls are professional and has high experience when it comes to intimacy and of course, making you feel satisfied. They will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. Yes, you can be shy or not confident enough to do these kind of activities, but with escort girls they are the ones who will make you feel comfortable and even initiate the sexual activities. These Cologne escorts understands that their clients have expectations and some are even shy to do it the first time, so you don’t have to worry about that because they know what they have to do. Instead focus on how you are going to spend your night with your callgirl.

Exploring your adventurous side in intimacy is a great way to make the most of your time with a call girl and give you a memorable experience. Whether you like wet and wild, passionate, romantic, adventurous like BDSM, bondage and etc. your callgirl will provide it to you. Below are the 5 intimate games you can try with your callgirl to spice up your intimacy together.

5 Intimate Games To Enjoy

1. Roleplay – if you haven’t experience doing roleplay then you should start doing it, because there’s a lot of fun you can actually do with roleplays. It’s about creating a scene that you desire to happen, pretend to be someone else and even wear costumes. Roleplay gives you the experience to become whoever you want to be. The freedom to make your imaginations turn into reality.

2. Fantasy Hat – first thing you have to do, if you want to try fantasy hat is to tell the callgirl the things you don’t feel comfortable to do and vice versa. After agreement, both of you will write your sexual fantasies in a piece of paper and mix it up altogether and each one of you pulls out a piece of paper and make it happen.

3. Truth or Dare – the popular old time game truth or dare is classic. We have seen it played many times and the longer it takes the naughtier it gets. A powerful game that can spice up the night and make you understand your partner in the game.

4. Would-You-Rather? – the game starts in both parties creating a scenario and then ask which you would rather do? Would you do this to me? Or do you want me to do this to you? Leaves a great option for your partner.

5. 21 Strip Questions – prepare a list of questions and make sure it’s hard to guess. Every time your opponent’s answer is incorrect, then your opponent should take off a piece of his or her clothing, till the both of you gets naked. Well, let’s see if you can get to that point when both of you already turned up the heat.

It’s all about being creative with your experience. With these activities, it would be easier to turn up the heat and make yourself comfortable with your Koln escort.

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